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    Robotics is the science of designing, producing, and operating automated control systems and machines used in industrial and commercial applications. Robotic systems typically consist of robots that can be programmed to perform repetitive and precise tasks. These systems are widely used to increase efficiency in production processes, ensure workplace safety, and reduce costs. Different types of robots such as simultaneous Cartesian robots, cylindrical manipulators, spherical manipulators, articulated manipulators, and SCARA manipulators are used in various industrial applications.

    Adatech uses leading technologies in the industrial field to provide turnkey custom industrial robotic solutions to meet your production, material handling, and supply chain needs. We collaborate with you at every stage of the project, from design to manufacturing, mechanical, and electrical assembly. Our engineers leverage their in-house skills and cross-industry experience to maximize turnkey options or design customized components for maximum performance in your personal use areas. Our highly trained welders, metal fabricators, and finishers bring your fully tested robotic solution to life, from robotic work cell stations to meticulously crafted arm tools.

    Image Processing

    Image processing is the analysis and manipulation of digital images. This technology is used in various fields such as quality control in manufacturing processes, security applications, and medical diagnostics. Powerful 2D and 3D cameras, smart cameras, and digital image processing software are used to detect errors and defects, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Image processing systems play a critical role in object recognition, measurement, surface analysis, and many other industrial applications.

    Adatech products regularly assist various sectors worldwide with positioning, distance measurement, and production processes. In addition to powerful 2D and 3D cameras, smart cameras detect defective products early in the production process, reducing costs and providing solutions that enhance automated production processes. Adatech offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions designed for continuous quality monitoring and control. Industrial image processing can automate nearly all monitoring and measurement tasks. Each camera type is suitable for a specific set of applications or tasks. As an independent system integrator, we use the most suitable components and techniques for your application. All our camera systems are suitable for use in various industries and have proven reliable in harsh industrial environments.

    Machine Automation

    Machine automation involves equipping machines with automatic control systems to optimize production processes. These systems consist of components such as programmable controllers, drives, motors, and human-machine interfaces (HMI). Machine automation increases production speed, reduces error rates, and enhances overall efficiency. Automation systems are widely used in both small and large-scale production facilities.

    Adatech consistently offers innovative automation solutions with higher cost/performance ratios in its machines as a result of increasing cost challenges and improved performance demands. Our products provide higher performance at lower costs in smaller form factors by utilizing commercial off-the-shelf components and other technologies to meet these needs. A machine’s automation system typically comprises power and control components. These can be housed in a single panel for smaller machines, but larger machines often require multiple panels, typically one for control and another for power. The primary subsystems and components of the machine automation systems we offer include: Power distribution, Drives and motor control, Protection mechanisms, Programmable Controllers, Digital and Analog I/O, Communication systems, HMI.

    Machine Design and Manufacturing

    Machine design and manufacturing involve developing and producing specialized machines for specific industrial applications. This process includes engineering analyses, CAD designs, prototype production, and the manufacturing of the final product. Machine design and manufacturing play a critical role in optimizing production processes and enhancing efficiency across various industries.

    Adatech views industrial machine manufacturing as a crucial task for producing everything from tools and heavy equipment for the construction and mining industries to the machines needed to expand energy production and distribution infrastructure. Industrial machines are used in the production of aircraft, ships, and other vehicles. It can be said that the success of many industries depends on the ongoing manufacturing of industrial machines. Production speed, quality, and quantity have improved as a result of technological advances in industrial machine manufacturing, increasing productivity and profitability. Adatech provides the most efficient machine manufacturing experience for any needed sector, from the project planning stage to the manufacturing stage.

    Machine Maintenance and Repair

    Machine maintenance and repair involve regular maintenance and repair operations to ensure machines operate efficiently and have a long lifespan. This process includes periodic inspections and repairs of mechanical, electrical, and software components. Machine maintenance and repair minimize production downtime, enhance operational efficiency, and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

    Adatech offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services to extend the lifespan and ensure the efficient operation of your machines. We minimize production downtime with regular maintenance and quick repair solutions. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs to enhance the performance of your machines. Our expert team addresses all your machines’ maintenance and repair needs, improving your business’s efficiency and reducing costs.

    Operating in the fields of robotics, industrial image processing, automation and manufacturing, Adatech is one of the leading companies in the machinery sector, which is indispensable for the industry. Adatech, which has accomplished many successful projects with the experience of its expert engineer team, offers you solutions at every point from the beginning of your project to commissioning.

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