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    Solar energy, despite being abundant and easily accessible, did not play a significant role in energy supply options in the past due to the high cost of converting it to electricity. However, increased awareness of environmental pollution and its consequences has boosted the use of photovoltaics as an energy source worldwide. Grid-scale photovoltaic installations have become indispensable in the energy market. Adatech aims to improve living conditions and quality of life globally in line with its corporate sustainability goals. We provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for your solar energy projects. Our expert team supports you in the design, installation, and commissioning of photovoltaic systems. We offer innovative solutions to ensure energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. At Adatech, we guarantee the highest quality standards at every stage of your projects.


    Wind is one of the oldest power sources used by humanity. The wind industry has become an increasingly sophisticated service sector in designing turbines, establishing wind farms, and using technology to map wind potential, supported by a supply chain producing thousands of component parts. The installation of wind power plants is increasing similarly to the installation of solar and geothermal plants. Wind energy has been established as a serious alternative to traditional fuel for electricity generation. Adatech aims to improve living conditions and quality of life globally in line with its corporate sustainability goals. We provide engineering and construction solutions for wind energy projects, supporting clean energy production. We specialize in the placement, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines. Our high-efficiency systems help reduce your energy costs and minimize environmental impact. At Adatech, we are leaders in sustainable energy solutions.

    Energy Transmission

    We offer engineering and installation services for energy transmission line projects. Our reliable and efficient energy transmission solutions minimize energy losses and ensure the safety of energy distribution. We specialize in the design and installation of high voltage transmission lines.

    Energy Distribution

    We provide comprehensive engineering services for energy distribution systems, strengthening your energy infrastructure. Our solutions ensure uninterrupted energy distribution, enhancing energy efficiency and optimizing your business’s energy management. We specialize in low and medium voltage distribution systems.


    We offer engineering and operational support services in the cement and mining sectors. We optimize your production processes with plant design, equipment installation, and maintenance services. Our solutions focus on energy efficiency and occupational safety, reducing your operational costs.


    Oil and Natural Gas

    We provide comprehensive engineering services for oil and natural gas projects. Our solutions enhance safety and efficiency in reservoir management, drilling operations, and production processes. We specialize in the design and maintenance of high-pressure pipelines.


    Water - Waste Water

    Increased water consumption, decreasing water resources, and rising water pollution often make the use of poor-quality raw water subjected to treatment the only option to quench the world’s thirst. Suitable water treatment systems must be customized based on the quality of raw water, intended water use, and operational constraints. Adatech’s expertise spans a full range of technologies, from well-established affordable solutions that make treated water accessible to a rapidly growing population to innovative, high-tech water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis systems.

    The collection and treatment of wastewater are among today’s most urgent environmental and social concerns. We can only protect the environment and critical natural water resources if the potential environmental damage caused by the discharge of water pollutants is reduced. Understanding wastewater as a valuable resource, reusing treated wastewater for landscaping, agriculture, and industry, recovering carbon, nutrients, and other materials, and generating energy from residual solid waste are becoming increasingly important.

    Adatech’s primary goal is to provide tailored treatment solutions for various economic and environmental conditions, from natural treatment systems to the latest process technologies. As an engineering firm and leading expert in developing complex wastewater infrastructure projects, Adatech has the professional competence to work with and assist clients at every step toward achieving their ambitious goals.

    EPC firms offer a turnkey solution from the beginning to the end of the project and provide clients with a complete package of services. This includes engineering design, material procurement, construction management, testing and commissioning. EPC services contribute to the development and growth of the industry by ensuring the efficient management and completion of large-scale projects.

    Adatech | EPC