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    Adatech | Oil, Gas and Industrial Facility

    Oil, Gas and Industrial Facility

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    Indirect Waterbath Heater

    Indirect waterbath heater systems use an indirect method to heat gases. Commonly used in the oil and gas industry, these systems have gas flow through a coil that is suspended in a water solution. The water solution is then heated using a combustion chamber. This method ensures the gas is heated safely and efficiently. Additionally, there is a safety system that detects any issues and adjusts the gas temperature, ensuring optimal performance and safety. The system comes with installation ease and requires regular maintenance. Adatech has technical experts to perform necessary maintenance and provide replacement parts when needed.

    Chemical and Petrochemical Plant Services

    Chemicals and petrochemicals have enabled the development of new materials and products in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, communication, and transportation. Petrochemicals are an essential part of nearly every modern industry and play a crucial role in our daily lives. They are used in the production of materials that make life easier, such as cars, computers, mobile phones, household cleaning products, and fertilizers. Adatech assists its clients in developing new, creative solutions for hydrocarbons that can be integrated into technical ideas. One of Adatech’s main goals is to find ways to convert valuable hydrocarbon resources into a long-term value chain cycle for future generations.

    Underground Storage

    The storage of natural gas in the energy sector is essential for providing strategic reserves and meeting high demand. Adatech offers solutions for the simulation of all injection and withdrawal operations involved in the operation of gas storage facilities, optimization of all facility components, and the installation of fully remotely controlled systems. Our underground storage systems use advanced technologies to ensure safe and efficient energy management, reducing operational costs.

    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

    In the ever-evolving sector, new energy and industrial project investors see LNG as one of the most important energy sources. Many countries around the world are promoting the use of LNG for the future, establishing new LNG facilities, and upgrading existing ones. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel with numerous environmental advantages, LNG also supports the stable and healthy growth of the global economy with its cost-effectiveness. Adatech offers integrated and interdisciplinary services for LNG projects from initial feasibility studies, through design and bidding stages, to commissioning and start-up.

    Oil Storage Fields and Terminals

    One of the key segments for Adatech is providing consultancy, design, project management, and site supervision for the construction of oil storage fields and terminals. Adatech has been involved in significant projects in this field and continues to offer innovative solutions. We utilize the latest technologies to ensure the safe and efficient operation of oil storage fields and terminals. This includes offering facility design, equipment procurement, installation, and maintenance services to optimize your operational processes.

    Industrial Facility Services

    At Adatech, we provide comprehensive maintenance, repair, and operational support services for industrial facilities. We deliver high-standard services to ensure your facilities operate continuously and efficiently. Our expert team offers services in energy management, process optimization, equipment maintenance, and emergency response. Additionally, we provide customized solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs in industrial facilities.

    Oil and gas are essential energy sources in almost every aspect of modern industrial civilization. Daily life as we know it would be impossible without these resources.

    One of Adatech’s main focuses is designing automation systems for leading companies in the oil and gas industries. Adatech is committed to designing sustainable control systems and proudly continues this goal with its successful projects.

    Adatech | Oil, Gas and Industrial Facility