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    Vitruvex Robotic Technologies

    Vitruvex is a joint-stock company focused on software and application development, electronic and hardware design, biotechnology, and medical technologies. It was established under the umbrella of Istanbul Teknopark in December 2023 with the aim of concentrating on R&D activities and continuously generating new ideas to develop solution-oriented approaches.

    The company does not yet have a commercialized product or service in the market. However, it has developed a prototype of an industrial exoskeleton product designed to assist personnel relying on muscle strength in lifting loads and has begun efforts to commercialize it.

    While pursuing the exoskeleton project, the visionary company recognized that these technologies could be used not only in the business world but also in the medical and rehabilitation fields. It was understood that the accumulated knowledge could be leveraged in this area as well. For this purpose, it was decided to initiate a brain-computer interface-based rehabilitation robot project, allowing paralyzed individuals to control it solely with their thoughts.

    Ignis Trace

    Ignis Trace is a company established to meet various industrial heating needs with advanced industrial heat monitoring and heat tracing solutions. In 2022, Ignis Trace entered the Turkish market with Solco Pyroelec brand heat trace products and became the official partner of Solco Pyroelec.

    The heat experts of Ignis Trace have joined forces with the experienced engineering team of Adatech and have successfully completed many projects worldwide in facilities such as oil and gas, power plants, petrochemical, and electrical power plants. In these facilities, they have designed and supplied materials for projects like keeping pipes and tanks warm and preventing freezing, as well as designing heat monitoring systems.

    All the products sold by Ignis Trace are ATEX and IECEx certified, explosion-proof, Ex-proof, and non-exproof, and are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities.

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