Adatech | Adatech Completed the Natural Gas Measurement Station SCADA Application

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    Adatech | Adatech Completed the Natural Gas Measurement Station SCADA Application

    25 March 2023


    Adatech Completed the Natural Gas Measurement Station SCADA Application

    Measurement station SCADA Application of the natural gas field where Turkey’s first largest natural gas discovery was made.

    About the Project

    Measurement Station where 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves discovered in the Black Sea are connected to Turkey’s Main Natural Gas Pipeline.
    “Filyos Main Measurement Station”

    SCADA applications installed to manage measurement, reporting, monitoring and control operations at natural gas metering stations are expected to meet some requirements specific to gas metering systems. These special requirements can be listed in general terms as follows;

    • Uninterrupted redundant communication with flow computers, (Network Redundancy).
    • To be able to calculate the sums of Parallel Measurement Lines in real time,
    • To be able to use the flow weighted average formula in calculations,
    • To be able to manage redundant GC (Gas Chromatograph) instruments,
    • Transfer GC data to flow computers in real time.
    • Recording all collected data, reporting according to standards.
    • Automatic report printouts.
    • Sharing data to remote monitoring systems with DNP3 protocol.
    • Hot-Standby redundant operation.
    • Topology applied in Filyos main measurement station;Filyos Gas Ölçüm İstasyonu Haberleşeme Ağı Topolojisi

    Figure 1 : Communication Network Topology

    As shown in the topology, in Filyos Main Measurement Station ;

    • 20 Flow Computers (6 Pay + 6 Check + 6 Ultrasonic + 2 Turbine)
    • 2 Gas Chromatograph
    • 2 Analyzer (Water Dew Point and H2S)
    • 2 Server Computer
    • 2 Workstation Computer
    • 2 Units 24 Serial Port Terminal Server,
    • 2 Pieces 32 Port Ethernet Switch,

    There is a central monitoring system and DCS system. In addition to these, there is a connection with the central monitoring system and DCS system. All devices are communicated with Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocols. Application

    • 2 inSCADA 10.000 I/O 20 Client License,
    • Windows Server 2019,

    has been used.

    Network Redundancy

    inSCADA provides redundant communication with 20 flow computers via network switches and serial terminal servers. inSCADA ensures communication continuity by automatically switching to one of the alternative communication lines of the relevant device in case of any interruption on the line on which the communication is carried out. In addition, it can even achieve this by switching between communication lines using two different protocols. As shown in Figure 2, from each flow computer ;

    • Ethernet 1 (Modbus TCP)
    • Ethernet 2 (Modbus TCP)
    • RS485 Port 1 (Modbus RTU)
    • RS485 Port 2 (Modbus RTU)

    By using 4 different ports, 2 TCP and 2 serial ports, this communication continuity is guaranteed.


    inSCADA Network Redundancy

    Figure 2 : inSCADA Network Redundancy

    inSCADA does not need to create a copy of your device and its associated tags for each communication line for network redundancy. It provides this thanks to its ability to carry out all development and configuration activities at runtime. It updates the “Connection” parameters defined for the device with alternative communication line parameters at runtime. Until communication is restored.

    Archive and Reporting

    Within the scope of this application, 20 flow computers and analyzers;

    • Instantaneous,
    • Hourly,
    • Daily,
    • Monthly,

    1-second periods are continuously recorded to inSCADA’s time series database. Nearly 50 different reports can be obtained from all these data recorded on the inSCADA platform in accordance with BOTAŞ operating standards. These reports (n = measurement line number) ;

    • Line (n) Pay/Check/Ultrasonic/Turbine Measurement Report,
    • Line (n) Pay/Check/Ultrasonic/Turbine Used Gas Values Report,
    • Pay/Check/Ultrasonic/Turbine Line Total Measurement Report,
    • Pay/Check/Ultrasonic/Turbine Used Gas Values Report,
    • Line (n) Pay and Check Comparison Report,
    • Equity Total and Ultrasonic Total Comparison Report,
    • Gas Chromatograph A and B report,
    • and so on,

    and so on.


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