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Adatech Foundation established It was established under the leadership of the executives of Adatech Group companies. Under the umbrella of Adatech Foundation, the idea that it is possible to change a society based on the life of a child is accepted. It aims to reach students and schools who do not have sufficient and equal opportunities in their education life.

Acting with a sense of social responsibility, Adatech Foundation members and volunteers always try to establish direct contact with students and school administrations. While the "Red Library" project is at the center of our activities, we aim to help children's social development with our other projects.

We base our work on the principle of conducting our work in line with the principle of "equality" without being a supporter of any political view, regardless of religion, language, race or ethnicity. At the same time, we act within the framework of the mission and vision we have adopted. We take part in our activities with the desire to raise individuals who add value to our country, and we aim to take the lead in raising prudent generations to whom this awareness is transferred.

As Adatech Foundation, we are determined to work with all our strength in order to carry out our activities in every part of our country, on this path that we set off without stopping with the principles and values ​​we have.

Our Mission

  • To bring together people from all parts of our society under the same roof in line with the awareness of social responsibility, 
  • Meeting the needs of schools with the support of our donations, members and volunteers, 
  • To have a transparent and honest attitude in our projects, 
  • To adopt the principle of equal opportunity in the educational activities we conduct,
  •  To carry out studies in order to bring the education and training activities in our country to higher levels,
  •  To raise awareness of the society against autism, Down syndrome, mental and physical disability.



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