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Waste Water Treatment


Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater collection and treatment is one of today's most pressing environmental and social concerns. We have a chance to protect the environment and critical natural water resources only if the potential environmental damage from the discharge of water pollutants is reduced. It is becoming increasingly important to understand wastewater as a valuable resource, reuse treated wastewater for landscape, agriculture and industry, recover carbon, nutrients and other materials, and generate energy from residual solid waste.
Adatech's primary goal is to provide tailored treatment solutions for a variety of economic and environmental conditions, from natural treatment systems to the latest process technologies.
As an engineering business and leading expert in developing complex wastewater infrastructure projects, Adatech has the professional competence to work with and assist clients every step of the way towards achieving their ambitious goals.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Purification of wastewater
  • Sludge treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Water reclamation and reuse
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Energy Optimization