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Chemıcals and Petrochemıcals


Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Chemicals and petrochemicals have made numerous new materials and materials appear in the manufacturing industries and other posts such as agriculture, communications, and transportation. Petrochemical is almost the basis of modern industry and forms a vital part of our life. Objects that facilitate and relax life such as cars, computers, mobile phones, children's toys, household cleaning products, fertilizers and medicines are obtained from petrochemicals.
Adatech provides browser guidance in developing new solutions for value-creating hydrocarbons that can be integrated into proven engineering concepts.
Finding ways to transform the precious hydrocarbon resource for future generations is one of Adatech's strong goals.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Polyolephein plants
  • PET and polyester factories
  • Ammonia, urea and fertilizer factories
  • From gas to petrochemical complexes
  • From xylenes to polymer complexes