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Vısıon,Values & Belıefs


Since its establishment, Adatech Automation has prioritized balancing its profitability level with its market share as a strategy. The company considers digital transformation as one of its priorities in order to increase service quality and strengthen business processes in the rapidly digitizing industrial automation industry globally.

Digital transformation studies carried out in coordination with the aim of transitioning to an agile and analytical organizational structure, expanding its use in control automation, machine manufacturing, cyber security, artificial intelligence, IoT and many more areas under the umbrella of Adatech Automation, using data-based analytics, fast sensing and adapting to changes and digital business It aims to reach a structure that develops and implements models.


At Adatech, everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion or gender. This also applies to Adatech staff and third parties.

At Adatech, honesty is considered to be crucial to professional relationships. That's why we are talking

At Adatech, all teams take ownership of their roles and feel resposible for their actions. It is understood that it is extremely important to fulfill commitments regarding the project scope, service quality and timeline. Reliability, Adatech it is a prerequiste for developing reliable and lasting relationships within and with third parties.

At Adatech,everyone is treated fairly. Fairness is also a guiding principle in Adatech is decision making.


Adatech aims for market leadership through quality rather than trying to grow alone. Therefore, Adatech is constantly striving for Engineering Excellence. This leads us to:

  • a holistic approach to problem solving,
  • high level of ingenuity and creativity,
  • a desire for continuous improvement,
  • strong motivation and dedication,
  • diligence and great persistence,
  • continuous training for staff development,
  • knowledge management and competence development

In order to best meet the needs of their customers. Adatech employees collaborate between regionally dispersed offices to work as a single team. Distance, time zones and cultures can be successfully bridged.

Sharing compentence, experience, tools and capacities is extremely important in order to provide the best service to customers.

Adatech is great people make the difference! Adatech is highly motivated employees want to excel and contribute to the overall succes of the Adatech. Problems are considered as difficulties and the best solution to find is the purpose.

Adatech strives for long-term relationships and employees to see themselves as Adatech is ambassadors.

Adatech is fully privately owned and has no liability to banks, suppliers or other third parties. Actions are always based on purely objective considerations and in the best interest of the client.

Adatech is committed to sustainability. This commitment continues in Adatech's daily business operations and efforts to reduce its carbon and waste footprint.