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Crude oil, which is a natural resource, has a huge impact on the world we live in today. Since it is a cost-effective energy carrier with high energy density, it has made high energy-intensive products more affordable.
Looking ahead, refinery operators will face challenges such as increasing market demand for clean fuels, energy efficiency and the current role and impact of climate change.
Refineries of the future have to adapt to the demands of their consumers. It is critical that refineries focus on products that are environmentally friendly and have the smallest possible carbon footprint, produced using sophisticated and energy-efficient processes.
As an independent consultant with a solid engineering staff, Adatech assists its clients in providing sustainable, value-creating hydrocarbons that enable humanity to prepare for the future, while providing solutions.

Fields of Experties:

  • Crude oil distillation plants
  • Naphtha treatment plants
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Fue gas treatment plants
  • Raw material and product logistics facilities