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Urban Development


Urban Development

Sustainable infrastructure is critical for green space and urban redevelopment projects to produce livable and attractive urban environments, whether at the city or county level. Infrastructure systems, ranging from water and energy supply systems to transportation networks, form the foundations of metropolitan environments and create environments on which many people's lives are focused.
Adatech's core services include urban infrastructure development. Adatech has an expert staff that provides consultancy and engineering services for urban infrastructure projects. Adatech is also an excellent partner for its unremitting efforts to improve design methods and create countless opportunities.
The purpose of Adatech's tools and competencies, grouped under the heading of urban design technologies, is to create custom solutions that support cutting-edge design methods and provide demonstrable advantages to Adatech's customers. By providing such digital solutions, Adatech is able to apply the highest standards of sustainability, flexibility and smart technology in its projects.
Adatech is able to offer the best digital solutions for urban development projects, thanks to the sophistication of its experts and in-house design tools. The expertise of an experienced planner is essential when it comes to using digital technologies in a logical, effective and focused way.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Urban infrastructure master plans
  • Urban design history