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Lıque fıed Natural Gas


Lıque fied Natural Gas

New energy and industrial project investors in the constantly developing sector see LNG as one of the most important energy sources.
Many countries around the world encourage the use of LNG for the future and aim to establish new LNG facilities and renew existing facilities.
LNG, which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel with numerous environmental advantages, also supports the stable and healthy growth of the world economy with its affordable cost.
Adatech provides integrated and interdisciplinary services for LNG projects, from initial work through design and tender, to commissioning and launch.

Fields of Experties:

  • Liquefaction Technologies
  • Regasification Technologies
  • Small Scale LNG (SSLNG)
  • Distribution Solutions Including Loading and Unloading
  • Integrated Gas-to-Power Solutions
  • Storage Tanks
  • Piers and Single Point Anchors
  • Mooring and Berthing Solutions

Kenan Uslu

Title Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Project Engineer
Phone (+90) 216 514 80 69
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