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Project Screenıng

Project Screening

Even the best planning and execution of a project cannot correct mistakes made in the previous scanning process. Choosing projects carefully and carefully according to clearly defined goals has the greatest optimization potential when creating new infrastructure. In order to be able to select the most suitable project from the planned initiatives, criteria for the purpose must be defined in advance.
Role of Adatech
Adatech advises public and private organizations on the selection and creation of projects in all business areas. Adatech, together with customers and other partners, sets out the relevant criteria to optimize investments.

Benefits to Clients

Adatech helps clients identify the best project solutions based on decision-related criteria. A screening process coordinated with customers and other stakeholders early in the development phase ensures that anticipated project solutions are viable and the best possible solution is chosen. Depending on the characteristics of the project, services can range from optimizing the cost-benefit relationship to maximizing entrepreneurial success.