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Image Processing

Adatech products help a wide range of industries around the world with positioning, distance measurement, and production processes on a regular basis. For example, powerful 2D and 3D cameras, as well as smart cameras, can discover defective items early in the manufacturing process, reducing costs and enhancing automated production processes.
Adatech provides application-specific digital image processing solutions that are simple to use and built for ongoing quality monitoring and control. Industrial image processing can automate nearly all monitoring and measurement duties.
Each camera type is suited to a specific set of applications or tasks. We employ components and techniques that are most suited for your application as an independent system integrator.
All of our camera systems are appropriate for use in a variety of industries and have been shown to be reliable in severe industrial settings.

Fields of Experties:

  • Security, criminal laboratories studies
  • Military Industry, underwater imaging
  • Robotics, traffic, radar, astronomy applications
  • Face / object recognition